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History at NSB

KS3 adopts a chronological approach to historical studies, with Y7 largely focusing on medieval, Y8 on early modern period through to 20th Century, before Y9 moves to the modern era.

Through each year group, there is a focus on local, national and international history, giving a richness to the curriculum through a global lens. Through these studies, a range of foci are adopted in the curriculum, with topics covering social, political, and economic areas of interest.

Key Stage 3

Topics covered:

Year 7

Viking and Norman Invasions

Norman England

Religion in the Middle Ages

Development of Medieval English Society

100 Years War and development of Early Modern England

Early Tudor England


Year 8

Late Tudor England

Stuarts and the Civil War

Empire and Slavery

Early 20th Century History – WW1

The Homefront

International Relations post 1919


Year 9


Social impacts of WW2

USA: Causes of the Economic Boom

USA: Intolerance in the 1920s

USA: Economic change in the 1930s

USA: Impact of WW2 on US Society

Key Stage 4


Breadth Study: International Relations (1919-1975)

Breadth Study: War & British Society (790AD – 2010)              

Depth Study: Personal Rule to Restoration (1629 – 1660)

GCSE History

In Years 10 and 11 we follow the OCR GCSE Modern World course.

This course includes a focus study on International Relations in the 20th Century, building on students’ earlier learning, through to the end of the Cold War.

There is a breadth study that focuses on War and Society, looking at how 1000+ years of conflict have shaped our nation.

In addition, we have a depth study on the period 1629-1660 where we look at how England breaks into Civil War, operates as a republic, before restoring the monarchy.

With such a range of topics and historical eras, it is hoped that you will develop a personal curiosity about the past and an understanding of how the world we live in has been created by past events. We are sure you will find the course not only fulfilling but also enjoyable, which should ensure your success in the subject.

Please contact the school if you would like to find out more about the curriculum.

History Team

Curriculum Team Leader - Mr J. Marshall
Mr C. Reid
Ms H. Kennedy
Mr L. Hunt 
Ms A. Imison
Mr D. Pateman


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