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Northampton School for Boys

Northampton School for Boys

Dance Aptitude Test

The Dance Aptitude Test will be held at Northampton School for Boys on Wednesday 11th January from 9:00am to 10:00am.

Dance Aptitude Test Outline

Applicants will be taught a motif of around 8-16 counts that covers floor work, travelling and gesture work. The motif will have an intention (eg soldiers travelling across the battlefield through thick mud). 

Applicants will then be given guidance on how to create their own version of the motif in small groups using development techniques. (eg Develop the movement content by adding in relationships and travelling at different levels)

Applicants will also be given an intention to help them to develop the motif (eg You are friends on the battlefield and you all need to make it across the field. You will need to create ideas of support and connection)

The intentions and material to be taught will be given on the day.

This test will culminate with applicants performing the routine at the end of the session in front of other applicants.

Each applicant will receive a maximum of 4 marks in 6 different categories:

  • physical aptitude;
  • technical aptitude;
  • expressive aptitude;
  • mental aptitude for dance (as defined by AQA) used in their performance;
  • creativity aptitude – aptitude to develop an idea and
  • creativity aptitude – aptitude to develop relationships within their group

Applicants will be assessed on a scale of 1-4 for each depending on their level of aptitude.

Each applicant will receive an aggregate score up to a maximum of 24. Applicants will be ranked according to their score. The 4 applicants with the highest rank, will be offered a place. If an applicant with a rank within the 4 places available does not take up a place, the place is awarded to the next highest ranked applicant. Where there is more than one applicant with the same score, the ranked position for these applicants is determined by random allocation.

The Dance Aptitude Test will be conducted indoors but attendees should dress appropriately for the activity they will be undertaking. Attendees should wear tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt or a leotard which allows free movement. Clean indoor trainers, dance shoes or jazz shoes would be appropriate footwear for the test.   

It is likely that applicants will push themselves physically during this testing.  The parents of any applicant who has a pre-existing medical condition should make the school aware of this prior to testing through the application process on Eventbrite. Any applicant who is asthmatic should ensure they use their inhaler prior to exercise and carry it with them to the testing as necessary.

Please click here to apply for a place on a Dance Aptitude Test

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