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Northampton School for Boys

Northampton School for Boys

Computer Science

Students in KS3 develop a range of computer science and ICT skills. They begin by learning to manipulate code in programs like Scratch and use improving their problem-solving skills with other online platforms, where they are introduced to computing concepts like “iteration” and continue to develop a basic understanding of the Python programming language. They also have a wide range of opportunities to develop their ICT skills using Microsoft Office programs and a variety of Animation and Graphics applications. Web development also features and a foundational understand of HTML and CSS is developed. This forms a solid foundation that can be carried forward into GCSE and beyond. A breakdown of each year can be found below.

 Key Stage 3

Year 7

Term 1 – Introduction to using the school network and staying safe online.

Term 2 – Research skills and evaluating online sources.

Term 3 – Scratch programming.

Term 4 – Spreadsheets and modelling.

Term 5 – Binary and logic.

Term 6 – Sequencing and programming concepts

Year 8

Term 1 – Digital marketing.

Term 2 – Research project into future technologies.

Term 3 – Game design.

Term 4 – Introduction to Python programming.

Term 5 – HTML and web development.

Term 6 – Additional programming  concepts

Year 9

Term 1 – Computer hardware and software.

Term 2 – Binary and security.

Term 3 – Intermediate Python programming.

Term 4 – Photo editing and fake news

Term 5 & 6 – Independent project

Year 10 & 11

In KS4 the Team currently offers the OCR GCSE Computer Science course. Here students learn about hardware and software of a computer system, including the development of simple software and programming techniques. This course is delivered at a suitable pace for each class. Full details of the specification and units of content can be found on here: 

Year 12 & 13

At KS5 the Team follows the linear OCR A Level Computer Science course, where advanced problem-solving skills and programming are taught using C# along with a deep understanding of hardware and software. Full details of the specification and units of content can be found on the here:


The Team offers the use of the facilities for computer Science and ICT students at lunchtime for those requiring additional help. There are several clubs including programming in Python, Lego Mindstorms, and cyber security. We have excellent computer resources in the Team area and these are used in a range of courses from key Stage 3 to A Level. All teaching resources from programs to PowerPoint presentations are available to students on the school VLE.

Computer Science Team

Mr N. Berkin - Curriculum Team Leader
Mr A. Peck - Director of Information Services
Mr J. Lehman


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