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Northampton School for Boys

Northampton School for Boys

Able, Gifted and Talented

All students at Northampton School for Boys have a right to a challenging and appropriate education. If students have ability or abilities beyond the large majority of their peer group, they need a specialised curriculum and provision that goes beyond the normal lesson environment and allows them to stretch and be challenged.


At Northampton School for Boys our aim is to consider the following three key components when looking at our most able, gifted and talented students:

Discover - Discover the potential by recognising and identifying able, gifted and talented students.

Nurture - Nurture the ability, gift and or talent by providing them with work that is matched to their needs and challenging opportunities to inspire learning and higher order thinking.

Succeed - Help students to succeed by motivating them to take opportunities to further develop their skills and talents in an environment that monitors progress and supports their everyday intellectual, social and emotional needs.


It is our aim to provide for our most able, gifted and talented students through:

  • Identification of gifted and talented students through the use of a fair and robust curriculum assessment data policy.
  • Ensure there is a framework of support, encouragement and opportunity to enable our able, gifted and talented students to be nurtured and stretched whilst at NSB.
  • Provide a monitoring and mentoring framework to ensure that the nurturing of able, gifted and talented students is central to the schools able, gifted and talented provision.
  • Address barriers to learning to ensure all able, gifted and talented students realise their full potential.

If you have any questions about the programme then please contact the following AG&T Key Stage Coordinators by email:

Key Stage 3 (Y7-Y9) - Mrs L. Law:
Key Stage 4 (Y10 & Y11) - Mr Nick Collins
Key Stage 5 (Y12 & Y13) - Mrs S. Morrison:
Programme Leader - Mrs H. Topping Shaw:

What is Student Profiling?

Profiling is a procedure that helps students get the most out of their studies at school. It is a way of taking responsibility for their work and managing their activities at NSB in a way that will help them to succeed academically and to lay the foundations for a future career.

Profiling is all about recording student achievements, identifying student strengths and weaknesses, and setting clear targets for the future. It is a continuous process of appraisal, reflection and planning. Each Honours student will have a meeting with a Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator to discuss their profile, but maintaining their profile and managing their learning is up to them.

The overall objective of profiling is to enable each gifted and talented student to build up a personal profile or portfolio that includes a record of their academic success, of the skills that they have acquired and of the experience that they have gained. As the profile grows year by year each student will use it to help make choices about their academic pathway and to identify the portfolio of skills, knowledge and experience that each student can carry forward into their future careers.

NSB Student Profiling - Click Here

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Mrs H Topping Shaw
Able Gifted and Talented Lead


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