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Northampton School for Boys

Northampton School for Boys

2007 Official Launch

10th October 2007

Dear Parent/Guardian

Re: School Development Fund Launch

We all agree that our children's education is vitally important to their successful development. The Staff and Governors at Northampton School for Boys have a driven commitment to provide the best possible all-round education for all of our students.

At NSB we promote excellence, encouraging all pupils to reach their full potential. In recent years we have had an unparalleled record of:

  • Academic success - stunning improvements in examination results across the board
  • Sporting prowess - Top state school in the UK for promoting sport 05-06 (School Sport Matters Award), 63 competitive teams, National finalists in 3 sports
  • Artistic and musical excellence - Outstanding Performance Awards at the National Festival of Music for Youth, first class drama and musical productions
  • Worldwide opportunities for residential trips

These are just some of the opportunities that are available to your child and they help create an environment that Ofsted recently described; "the overall effectiveness of the school is outstanding, there is a prevailing ethos within the school that it can achieve almost anything!"

This is true, and the school wants to go further in cementing an excellent platform to propel and inspire your son/daughter into adult life. However, there is a price to success; in fact the more successful we are the more it costs.

Schools are funded on numbers and not on their individual programmes of study or on how successful they are, and not on the additional effort they put into both the curriculum and extra-curricular areas.

One example of this is the extra-curricular programme in sport, music and drama. We don't have a PTA at the school and we don't ask for contributions for travel and yet this programme alone will cost the school in the region of £100K this year. When you multiply that into all the other areas of the school that offer so many opportunities to our youngsters that figure rises dramatically.

Therefore, with the school now standing over 1500 pupils and bigger than it has ever been before, it is now of paramount importance that we seek a policy of self-help in order to sustain the highest standards in educational provision. We have been extremely fortunate to have benefited from the tremendous generosity of The Cripps Foundation, which has helped us forge forward with major capital building plans.

The school also benefits from funding from the Old Grammar School Foundation which provides some funds to support the school in a number of ways such as hardship grants, subsidies for awards, additional tuition etc as approved by the Charity Commission. However with growing numbers on the school roll, this is inevitably diluted and we need to embark on a significant fund-raising campaign to secure the future.

Now is the time to establish year on year additional funding streams that will allow us to continue to go the 'extra-mile' and provide an inspirational education in the 21st Century. To this end we are setting up the School Development Fund, where parents, former pupils, friends and the business world will be invited to make voluntary contributions through a choice of means to help us help every pupil in the school. Whether it is in areas of Sport, Music, ICT, Drama, Learning Support, Gifted & Talented or the academic programme, we need to establish funding that allows the finest opportunities to be available.

To receive funds we have set up the Northampton School for Boys Charitable Trust Ltd as a charitable status and have engaged the support of the Charities Aid Foundation to ensure safe giving.

A successful and high percentage response to this appeal will help seal the future of the school - it is that important. Potential donors will be invited to contribute to support our quest in "doing the best we can for our students."

The options available are:

  • Monthly, Annual Direct Debit
  • One-off Gift

Both options are available on-line or by post. This additional funding will make the difference and enable us to remain at the forefront of education in the UK.

Enclosed with this letter you will find a launch brochure which explains how to get involved on-line and forms to return if you prefer to respond by post.

We would also like to draw your attention to the opportunity to sign a Gift-Aid declaration which allows the school to reclaim an additional 28p in every £1 through tax relief at no additional cost to the donor e.g. for every £10 donated the school can claim £12.80.

We are committed to providing an outstanding education but we do need your help to guarantee this happens. For example if 1000 parents and former pupils committed to giving £20 per month (two pints of beer a week) or £200 per year, this would bring in an additional annual income of £240,000. If Gift Aided, the school would receive over £300,000 (minus administration charges). We shall be using the secure payment system of the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) to ensure safe giving.

Whatever you feel able to contribute will help to make a real difference and it will be the duty of trustees of the School Development Fund to ensure that all pupils at the school will benefit.

Our current projects are:

  • Multi-use playground/teaching area - cost c. £85k
  • Sports Development - additional instructors, equipment
  • Arts Development - enhanced practice & display facilities
  • Student Transport
  • Curriculum areas of greatest need

You will be kept informed of how the money is being used via the school web-site and in fact in some cases will have the option of choosing where their contributions are used. The Development Fund web-site is now live and can be found at and click on School Development Fund link. If you opt to make a one-off contribution and wish to remain anonymous, you can tick the anonymity box on-line and your donation will be treated as confidential.

This is not a glib request for some extra funding. The successful launch of this fund will prove to be the key factor in offering the best in provision, opportunity and experience both for our pupils of today and for those in the future.

There will also be specific sponsorship and investment projects available that can be discussed as independent items (please contact me at the school). Schools that have successfully initiated a financial self-help policy have grown in strength and reputation. 

We look forward to continuing to build a successful and prosperous future for all our youngsters.

If you prefer to reply by post, please send the direct debit form and the Gift Aid declaration. Cheques can be sent to the school (payable to Northampton School for Boys Charitable Trust Ltd). Please consider applying Gift Aid as an option.

"With a little help from a lot of people we can achieve so much…"

If you need further information or would like to discuss any points, please do not hesitate to contact me at:

The Development Office

Northampton School for Boys

Billing Road




Northampton School for Boys, Billing Road, Northampton, NN1 5RT
01604 230240