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Northampton School for Boys

Northampton School for Boys

Statement: Fallen Tree on the NSB Site - Monday, February 21st

Fallen Tree on the NSB Site- Monday, February 21st 

Members of the school and local community may well be aware that during the stormy weather, a tree fell at the front of the school site yesterday causing considerable material damage but thankfully not injuring any individual.

All the trees on the NSB site are subject to a regular expert health check with the last one held just six months ago. The lime tree that came down had passed this inspection as being in good structural and normal physiological condition, so its demise was unexpected and we have engaged a tree specialist to investigate whether there were any other factors involved other than the high winds. 

As a further precaution, we have asked the tree specialist to check over all the trees on the school site for general health and potential storm damage today - this will include as a priority, all the trees adjacent to the Billing Road. If any tree is recommended for emergency surgery as a result of the storms we will complete this as a matter of urgency, subject to Council approval if an identified tree has Tree Preservation Order status.       

Richard Bernard


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