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Northampton School for Boys

Northampton School for Boys

COVID-19 Vaccination Sessions for NSB Children aged 12-15

Dear Parent / Carer

The COVID-19 vaccination sessions for children aged 12-15 administered by the School Aged Immunisation Service (SAIS) will take place at NSB on Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th November. Please see below for a letter from NHS England and the School Aged Immunisation Service which contains details, FAQs and the e-consent link that must be completed by 23:59 pm on Friday 22nd October.

For ease of reference, the link below also leads directly to the e-consent form:

Please be aware that if the e-consent is not completed, incomplete or not submitted before the deadline your child will not receive the vaccination. Please take the time to discuss the vaccination with your child and your decision over parental consent.

The vaccinations are organised and administered by the School Aged Immunisation Service (SAIS) who are legally responsible for the delivery of the vaccine not the school. The school plays no part in the decision of consent which is between the parent, student and the SAIS. The Department for Education  have additionally made clear that questions or queries related to the vaccination programme should be directed to the SAIS and not schools. There are links in the letter that answers questions that you may have about the vaccination and the SAIS contact details are listed at the end of the letter. Please direct any questions regarding the vaccination programme to the SAIS and not the school.

Once the School Aged Immunisation Service has triaged the e-consents, they will contact the school to plan in detail the vaccination sessions. Students will then be informed of their appointment date and time.

Please note that only students that have had the full e-consent completed by the deadline (parent confirming Yes they would like their child to be vaccinated) will receive the vaccination. You will see in the letter that the SAIS have stated that there will be no student self-consent option during school based vaccination sessions in Northampton Schools. Only children whose parents have given consent for their child to be given the vaccine will be called to the vaccination sessions at NSB.

Details will be sent by the School Aged Immunisation Service to parents / carers of children who do not receive a vaccination at the school based sessions regarding how to access a vaccination in the community at a later date. There will not be any additional school based sessions.

Please could any phone enquiries regarding the vaccinations be directed to the School Aged Immunisation Service. Their number is: 0800 170 7055

Yours sincerely

Mr Murphy
Assistant Headmaster



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