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Northampton School for Boys

Northampton School for Boys

After School Sports Clubs - Summer Term 2021

Next week we intend to resume the provision of after–school sports clubs at NSB. The range and number of clubs is perhaps lesser than in any normal year, but this is a necessary measure allowing us to ensure that we can manage separate year group bubbles on simultaneous evenings.

Please be reassured that the school will endeavour to ensure all National Governing Body Covid Protocols and relevant health and safety requirements are stringently observed throughout. Including the sanitisation of changing spaces, equipment and hands. Please also be aware that under current guidelines we are not permitted to lend items of clothing or footwear to students who forget their kit for practice.

Below you will find a schedule and some information about each activity on offer.


  • Provision begins from Monday 19th April.
  • Athletics clubs are open to all interested students, but only on their year group’s specified evenings.
  • Students can attend each available year group session, or select year group sessions of their own choice.
  • The track, throws and long/triple jump clubs will occur outdoors and students should wear appropriate clothing or PE kit for such. These sessions typically run until 4.45pm.
  • The high jump sessions will take place in the sports hall and again, students must be wearing appropriate kit and footwear for such. High jump club will finish at 5.00pm.
  • Students should change at the specified area – as outlined above
  • No prior experience is required and all are welcome. I would however point out that development can be quite rapid, particularly in the field events, so if you son is considering attending, they would benefit from being present from the start rather than waiting several weeks to attend their first session.

Squad Cricket:

  • Begins from Monday 19th April for specified teams on separate evenings, as shown on the outline.
  • These are the hard-ball training sessions for the school team players.
  • All boys attending will need to bring their personal protective equipment for the hard ball version of the game, as Covid protocols prevent us from sharing such equipment at this time.
  • Year 7/8 – students who attended the pre-Easter taster sessions are welcome to attend the opening team sessions of this Summer.  Students with the required experience in the hard ball game, who were unable to attend the recent taster sessions, perhaps you were injured or self-isolating, are also permitted to attend the opening sessions of the Summer. However, all are made aware that given the large numbers of interested students it will likely be necessary to streamline these two squads over the coming weeks, hence the provision of the development sessions as outlined below.
  • Years 9/10 – students attending should have previously been involved in school team cricket.  If any boys have joined the school over the past 18 months or feel their cricket has developed to the degree they would like consideration for a team place – please see our Teacher i/c Cricket Mr Bevan at the PE Team Base in the Sports hall to discuss.
  • Students can bring their cricket bags to the ‘cricket shed’ before school, where it will be stored throughout the day.  This is sited between the gymnasium and pavilion.
  • Training may be on the school site or in the nets at the ON’s, boys will be informed appropriately.
  • Training will typically end at 5.00pm.

Year 7 / 8 Development Cricket:

  • Begins from Monday 26th April.
  • These sessions are designed to provide an outlet for students who a) have had limited exposure and are keen to learn the game of cricket, or b) want to develop their game further.
  • It is likely that this group will include numerous boys who aspire to break into the school team, but who need to develop their all round game a little further.
  • These sessions will take place on the MUGA and will involve soft balls, so there will be no need at this stage for personal protective equipment of any kind.
  • Training will typically end at 5.00pm.

Water Polo

  • Students involved in water polo will already be aware of the programme and its systems.
  • Any student who has an interest in starting water polo should come to the swimming pool to have a chat with Mr Lane about their swimming ability and how to access training sessions.

Parents and Pick Ups:

At the current time we have some restrictions in place which affect most of the students and their parent / guardian. Please be aware of the following:

  • Parents are not permitted to spectate at sporting practices until further notice.
  • Pupil vehicle pick ups must happen off-site at this time. There are areas at the front of school appropriate for pick up, also at the Old Northamptonians car park and the local streets opposite school. Students crossing Billing Road MUST use the pedestrian crossing.
  • If any parent feels their son merits dispensation to allow for a pick up at the sports hall car park, I would request that you contact me at the school to make me aware and discuss as appropriate.

J. Wilcock
Director of PE




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