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Northampton School for Boys

Northampton School for Boys

Coronavirus Protocol - NSB


The guiding principles are:

  • Any person, piece of equipment, or surface potentially carries the virus
  • Maintain your personal space
  • Maintain your personal hygiene
  • Use your own computers, equipment and books
  • Follow Public Health England advice regarding COVID-19 symptoms and self-isolation

The school, and everybody within it, has a duty to minimise cross-infection to keep the school open. By doing so, we contribute to the control of the pandemic, allow key workers to carry on working, and allow continuing protection of key worker children and vulnerable students.

Only the rota of skeleton teaching and support staff should be present at school – all other staff members should only attend in urgent circumstances and where permission has been given by the link member of Senior Staff.

Personal Health for All

Students and staff should enter school trying to minimise the risk of passing on the virus to others. Viruses can remain on clothing and skin surfaces for several days:

  • Wash your hands on arrival, departure and regularly during the day at school
  • Bath or shower daily – including washing your hair
  • Rotate your clothes daily – including items like trousers and skirts
  • Have clean tissues at hand for personal use at work – staff please alert Estates if you run out – student work rooms should have a supply of tissues readily available
  • Catch coughs / sneezes in a tissue, dispose of the tissue immediately and then wash your hands thoroughly
  • Avoid touching your face, especially eyes, nose and mouth as much as possible
  • Wipe down bags or briefcases at home in the morning before taking them to school
  • Parents / carers of students who are attending school in the period of partial closure  must advise the school if a student or household member develops symptoms of COVID-19 and ensure that the student self-isolates for the relevant time-frame as advised by Public Health England
  • Staff should immediately advise RBE / LPA if they or a household member develops features of coronavirus illness and self-isolate for the relevant time-frame as advised by Public Health England

For Students

Social Distancing:

  • Keep your distance from other students and staff
  • You should keep 2m away from other students and staff at all times -  if you can touch fingers by two people both stretching out their arms this is too close - this includes when queueing to get into school in the morning and to get food, to pay for food and to eat food

Hygiene at school:

  • Wash your hands when you arrive at school and when you leave school
  • Wash your hands after PE / Sport
  • Wash your hands at the end of break / lunch
  • Wash your hands before and after eating food

Equipment and Books:

  • Use only your designated computer and designated desk space
  • Don’t use a textbook that has been given to another student
  • Don’t share equipment such as pens
  • Don’t pass work on paper to a teacher or another student

For all staff working at NSB  

  • Use only your own office / computer / phone / workspace / seat / pens etc
  • Don’t let other people share your computer / phone / workspace / seat / pens etc
  • Don’t pass paperwork to someone else
  • Maintain social distancing of 2m at all times - have meetings in as large a room as necessary to maintain social distancing of 2m / don’t crowd around a single computer screen or phone
  • Don’t sit on the communal chairs / sofas
  • Stick to the same seating pattern in meetings outside of your normal work space
  • Sign in visually or by email on arrival to reception
  • All staff should leave the school site by 4.30pm to help facilitate thorough cleaning of the premises
  • The Fitness Gym and Swimming Pool are not open for staff use during the school’s partial closure period

Additional expectations for staff supervising students

  • Students will be asked to maintain space between each other on arrival and be registered verbally
  • Keep students in their allocated seating and at their allocated computer
  • Don’t help students by leaning over them, using their mouse or pen or touching their equipment
  • Don’t take in work done on paper
  • Don’t re-stack textbooks
  • Students could have their own allocated textbook and keep it beside their own computers
  • Students can undertake computer based work at the allocated computer
  • Students can undertake book based work using allocated textbook
  • Hand-outs – only if students are able to print out their own copy on the library printer and collect it themselves 
  • Students should not hand in work
  • Expressive Arts work - non-contact at required 2m spacing distance – equipment must not be shared
  • Sports – non-contact activity only at required 2m spacing - do not play sports such as basketball or badminton etc. - where the ball or shuttle could carry infection when passed from one to another - no rotating through different gym equipment or using shared weights - no shared trampolines or crash mats – students must wash hands thoroughly after sports activities  - the Fitness Gym and Swimming Pool are closed for use
  • Ensure that social distancing is maintained at break / lunchtime

Receipt of goods

  • All goods received will be dealt with in a manner which minimises the chances of cross-infection
  • Packaged goods received will be handled with gloves
  • Packaging, once removed, will be immediately disposed of
  • The new item should be cleaned, as appropriate, before use
  • A separate protocol will be issued to relevant staff regarding the receipt and distribution of the new Surface Pro computers


  • The school will continue to be cleaned throughout the school day
  • All areas populated by people will be subject to a thorough clean at the end of the school day
  • All touch screen areas will have sanitiser wipes or hand sanitiser readily adjacent
  • Please alert RMU / MPO if there are any queries  regarding cleaning
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