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Northampton School for Boys

Northampton School for Boys

Kenilworth Castle Trip 2019

On 23rd October, the GCSE History students visited Kenilworth Castle, near Coventry. By visiting the castle, we were able to combine the studies we have completed as part of our course, along with experiencing the atmosphere and grandeur of the castle itself.

Seeing Kenilworth Castle from its inception as an impressive defensive fortification, through to the palatial home used by Robert Dudley will help all students in writing about these aspects of history in our exams.

I myself found the most rewarding part of the trip was that I am now more able to understand the castle development over time, and I am able to actually picture how the different buildings from over the centuries come together to form Kenilworth Castle as a whole.

Seeing Kenilworth Castle in real life allowed me to gain a better perspective as to the scale of castle, for instance, the huge kitchen space and the enormity of the Elizabethan Gardens.

All of these aspects of the trip have meant that I have a much better understanding of castles, which has only developed the understanding I have gained in lessons.

Cian Johnstone – 11R


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