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Northampton School for Boys

Northampton School for Boys

Senior Team Maths Challenge 2019

So out of all the schools with Sixth Forms in the UK just over 1300 go to the Senior Team Maths Challenge Regional Finals and out of those, 87 schools including only 19 state schools got through to the National Finals this year. 

Our team were Thomas Lack, Daniel Kingsbury, Devin Thomas and Ivan Petkov and they were simply amazing. It’s a gruelling 7 hour event with only a small break for lunch. There are 2 competitions on the day. 1st, 2nd and 3rd for the Senior Team Maths Challenge Cup and a separate Poster competition.

The STMC cup consisted of 5 rounds; all different and complex and they have to work in a team. The same teams get through year in year out and the independent schools rule the competition. Results were in and NSB came 73rd and even though the boys felt initially slightly down about the result, on the train home we reflected and are over the moon! We didn't come last! We were in the top 5 of the state schools! What an achievement to have got to the finals! What an achievement to be 73rd!!! 

The poster competition blew my mind. They receive the topic a week in advance and they have to start prepping not only small amounts to take pre-made that follow strict rules, but as much revision on the topic as possible. Our topic was ‘How can I calculate pi?’

On the day the team get an A1 sheet of paper and 3 questions and 30 mins! 30 mins to work as a team, answer the questions (which needed all the revision to get solutions) and to make the poster. Our boys had easily done a minimum of 50 hours prep for this one poster. It was amazing to watch 87 school teams of 4 making A1 posters in 30 mins and the quality on the day was mind blowing. They get displayed in a mini gallery and they get judged out of 48 marks for a whole list of criteria.

Results came in at the very end and I’m super proud as NSB came 2nd! 2nd out of 87 schools! The boys received their certificates and prizes and the best bit was watching all the other schools coming up to look at their poster. Out of the 6 prizes we were the only state school to win one!

I’m immensely proud of this team!

S. Bradley-Brophy


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