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Northampton School for Boys

Northampton School for Boys

Year 8 Residential to Norfolk Lakes 2018

15th October to 19th October 2018

It was a balmy autumn day that saw the departure of 185 smiling, happy Year 8 students on 4 coaches to the annual residential to the Norfolk Lakes. The departure went like clockwork and we were soon on our way.

The first stop was for lunch at the Peterborough services and the horde descended on KFC and McDonalds like an avalanche, obviously well controlled by the excellent staff team.

From there we carried on to the centre and after settling into our rooms for what seemed like 5 minutes, the boys and staff were soon engaged in their first activity! The activities were varied and interesting, from caving to wide games, from fencing to high ropes, and the water based activities were fantastic - the stand-up paddle boarding being a particular favourite.

The students were fantastic throughout the week, and there were many amusing stories of what they got up to. The “Donut of the day” was awarded to staff and students alike for any particular faux pas that they were reported for, which caused much amusement for the students. In the same way many students were nominated for being “Star of the Day” by their peers and the staff.

Some stories are listed below:

  • Student A’s trousers came off in the obstacle course exposing some lovely pink pants.
  • Student B was found sleeping under his bed?!?
  • Student C let go of a rope so the instructor was hoisted into the air and had to be rescued.
  • Several students pushed several teachers off their paddle boards.
  • A member of staff made an error on high ropes and hit himself in the face with a metal piece of climbing equipment.
  • Many students fell off many badly built rafts, king of which was HMS Shambles.
  • Student E was singing in his sleep about Peppa Pig.
  • Student F, when asked what he had learned in archery he said “I'm good in boats!”
  • Teacher A falling off the obstacle course, winding himself and trying to style it out by jogging away.
  • Student G holding his bow the wrong way round in archery.

The list could go on…

Suffice it to say that all students and staff had a great time, and the bonds between staff and pupils became stronger as they always do on this type of residential, and that is why we think it is imperative they continue.

My thanks go to all the students and staff who made it such an enjoyable trip.

Mr J. Elder
Y8 Team Leader

Northampton School for Boys, Billing Road, Northampton, NN1 5RT
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