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Northampton School for Boys

Northampton School for Boys

NSB World Languages Festival 2018

The World Languages Festival: this year for the very first time!

Wed 21st February 6.00pm

We invite you to take part in a celebration of our multicultural and diverse community here at Northampton School for Boys. Aside from the world-class performances in the evening from an array of artists, musicians and actors, there will be food, adult learning information and a chance to find out more about opportunities to develop your understanding of Languages.

We aim to:

  • Celebrate cultural diversity in our local community,
  • Establish a network for our EAL parents to collaborate and share information regarding language courses for their children in the county, 
  • Celebrate the diverse range of Languages spoken by our students and their families,
  • Inform parents of opportunities to be accredited in English and Maths.

We would love to welcome you and your families to this special event. 

Drinks and flavours from around the world can be purchased on the evening.

Tickets available from December 4th 2017.


世界语言节: 今年是第一次举行



· 庆祝我们当地社区的文化多样性。

· 为我们的英语作为附加语言的家长建立一个网络,与他们合作和分享有关他们孩子语言课程的资料。

· 庆祝我们的学生及其家庭所使用的各种语言。

· 通知家长有机会获得英语和数学认证。



(Translation credit: Family Tang, November 2017)

L. Shakir
Languages Team Leader

Northampton School for Boys, Billing Road, Northampton, NN1 5RT
01604 230240