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Northampton School for Boys

Northampton School for Boys

Term Dates

Please note that the school cannot authorise holidays in term time and that any holidays taken in term time will be recorded as unauthorised absence and may be subject to a fine.


Confirmed term dates for 2017-18 are now available below. Please note that these may vary slightly from other schools within the town/country.

2017 - 2018

Open to pupils on:

Closing on:

Term 1 Tuesday 5th September 2017 Friday 20th October 2017
Term 2 Monday 30th October 2017 Wednesday 20th December 2017
Term 3 Wednesday 3rd January 2018 Friday 9th February 2018
Term 4 Monday 19th February 2018 Thursday 29th March 2018
Term 5 Tuesday 17th April 2018 Friday 25th May 2018
Term 6 Monday 4th June 2018 Friday 20th July 2018

Bank Holidays

Training Days

Monday 7th May Friday 1st September 2017
  Monday 4th September 2017
  Monday 16th October 2017
  Monday 16th April 2018
  Friday 29th June 2018



Term dates for 2018-19 are available now and are marked as provisional until confirmation.


Open to pupils on (Provisional):

Closing on (Provisional):

Term 1 Thursday 6th September 2018 Friday 19th October 2018
Term 2 Monday 29th October 2018 Wednesday 19th December 2018
Term 3 Thursday 3rd January 2019 Friday 15th February 2019
Term 4 Monday 25th February 2019 Friday 5th April 2019
Term 5 Wednesday 24th April 2019 Friday 24th May 2019
Term 6 Monday 3rd June 2019 Wednesday 24th July 2019

Bank Holidays

Training Days

Monday 6th May Tuesday 4th September 2018
  Wednesday 5th September  2018
  Monday 15th October 2018
  Tuesday 23rd April 2019
  Friday 28th June 2019


Northampton School for Boys, Billing Road, Northampton, NN1 5RT
01604 230240