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Northampton School for Boys

Northampton School for Boys

Sixth Form Dress Code

There is no set uniform, as such, for students in the Sixth Form at Northampton School for Boys. Traditionally, the term office dress has been used as a guideline for students, but in the modern office climate this term has become somewhat ambiguous. We therefore propose to clarify what is meant by Office Dress.


  • Compulsorily includes shoes, tailored trousers, shirt, tie, tailored jacket or tailored suit
  • Trousers that have pronounced external stitching and/or rivets are considered to be jeans and must not be worn.
  • Pullovers that allow the tie to be seen are acceptable.
  • Roll neck pullovers are therefore unacceptable, as are some styles of high round neck pullover.

General Guidelines: Boys & Girls

  • Denim is not to be worn in any form of clothing
  • Students should wear shoes, not trainers, fabric walking boots or open-toed shoes
  • All students are required to remove coats when inside the school buildings
  • Fleeces are outdoor wear and as such should not be worn inside the school buildings
  • Headphones, earpieces and baseball caps should not be worn
  • Hooded tops are not office dress and should not be worn
  • Hairstyles and hair colour should be in keeping with the office dress ethos. To this end students should not have hair shaved to less than a “number 2”, and hair should not be dyed bright colours
  • Excessive jewellery should not be worn
  • We do no allow facial studs or rings
  • Tops with slogans or conspicuous logos are not permitted
  • Tailored trousers should not expose the ankle and should not be skin tight
  • Midriffs should not be exposed

Girls 

  • Compulsorily includes smart shoes with heels no higher than 4cm, tailored suit, tailored jacket and tailored trousers/dress/skirt with blouse or jumper
  • Skirts and dresses must be of reasonable length i.e. no longer than mid calf and not short enough to be judged inappropriate by Senior Staff
  • Excessively tight or revealing tops are unacceptable as are baggy or casual sweatshirts
  • Shoestring or narrow strapped tops or dresses are unacceptable

Students who do not meet the Office Dress requirements will be asked to go home to change and then return to school. Persistent Offenders will be subject to sanctions.

The final decision on all aspects of office dress rests with the Headmaster

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