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Northampton School for Boys

Northampton School for Boys


 Team Leader - Helen Hassan

Year 7

Introduction to Dance

Performance - Learning a set dance developing and learning about physical and expressive skills.


  • (a) The importance of warming up the body, becoming aware of the 10 main muscle groups and what happens in the body when we exercise.
  • (b) Watching a professional dance and learning to describe and explain features of production in relation to dance intention.


Performance - Learning Capoeira steps developing and learning about physical and technical skills.

Choreography - Working with a partner to link steps together using evasive movements.


  • (a) Learning about physical skills
  • (b) Researching and presenting knowledge of the history of Capoeira.

Theory test based on all appreciation knowledge to date (a practical dance test).


Choreography - Learning how to explore a stimulus (different sports such as basketball and rugby). Creating dance actions using space and dynamics, structuring dance using unison, canon, formations and transitions.

Performance - Sharing creative ideas throughout the process.

Year 8

Street Dance

Performance - Learning steps from different points in the history of street dance. Developing physical, technical and expressive skills


  • (a) Creating B-Boy Battles
  • (b) Creating choreography based on 'The Mad Hatter's Tea Party'.


  • (a) The history of Hip Hop
  • (b) Watching a professional dance and learning to describe and explain features of production in relation to dance intention. Learning to identify dance styles and steps in production and analysing how they create intention/meaning.

Contemporary Dance

Performance - Learning contact based partner work skills (lifting, supporting) developing physical and technical skills. Performing sequences and showing intention through expressive skills.

Choreography - Creating duets and trios using contact work and a narrative.

Appreciation - Watching contemporary dance and analysing the narratives. Discussing how narratives are created and communicated through dance actions, structures and expressive skills.

Year 9

Term 1

Choreography - Learning about the constituent features of dance; creating choreography using actions, space, dynamics and relationships.

Appreciation - Learning to describe dance motifs and building use of dance terminology.

Term 2

Choreography - Learning about choreographic devices (motif and development, cumulative canon and counterpoint); creating motifs using a stimulus and creating intention through selection of appropriate dance actions; spatial features, dynamics and relationships.

Appreciation - Building knowledge and use of terminology.

Term 3 and 4

Performance - Learning and performing a set dance based on a specific stimulus and theme. Developing physical, technical and expressive skills.

Appreciation - Learning about performance skills and how they contribute to a successful performance. Watching and analysing a professional dance piece that connects to the stimulus.  

Term 5

Performance - Learning set phrases based on the GCSE content. Developing memory recall, accuracy in performance of actions, space and dynamics.

Choreography - Developing a solo performance; developing the set phrases using motif and development techniques.

Term 6

Performance - Learning repertoire from one of the GCSE Anthology works.

Choreography - Exploring and using the choreographic devices used by the professional choreographer

Appreciation - Watching and analysing features of production and performance.

KS4 Dance

YEAR 10 and 11 Subject summary:

In year 10 students study 2 of the 3 components of Performance(30%) and Appreciation(40%), with year 11 focusing on and Choreography(30%) and revision.

The programme of study is centred around 6 professional dance works. Through the study of these dances, students explore choreographic approaches, devices, dance styles and features of production. The course embeds all the key skills required for performance and choreography through practical tasks.

PERFORMANCE = Physical skills and attributes, technical skills, expressive skills, mental skills and safe dance practice (Perform two set phrases and perform in a solo/duo) 30%

CHOREOGRAPHY = Constituent Features, choreographic processes, structuring devices, choreographic devices, aural settings, performance environments and communication of choreographic intent. (Choreography of a solo or group dance) 30%

APPRECIATION = Features of production, performance environments, choreographic intent, approaches and devices. (Written Paper) 40%




  • The KS3 Drama Production, held each year during Term 6 for two evenings in The Cripps Theatre.
  • KS3 Drama club- runs every week during lunchtime- opportunities include: performing in the Charity Showcase, The Northamptonshire Music and performing Arts Festival and the Dance and Drama Showcase during Term 6.
  • The School Musical Production for students from Year 9 onwards. An event that takes place in The Cripps Theatre and runs for three evenings, usually in Term 4.
  • The Expressive Arts House Competition, where students in vertical groupings from Year 7-13 compete to create and perform an original piece on theatre based on an idea or concept. The overall winning group perform in the Expressive Arts Awards Evening during Term 6.
  • The Drama Lab- An experimental approach to devising theatre, where students from Year 10 onwards work in vertical groupings to create a devised performance based on a theme.
  • The KS4/ 5 Drama Production- Students from Year 10 onwards perform in a senior play for two evenings in The Cripps Theatre.
  • The KS5 Production- Students in Year 12/13 rehearse for a limited time over the summer holidays to produce a production in the first week of the new academic year.
  • The Script Writing Society- Students in Year 12/13 work collaboratively to produce an original script to produce and perform to a wider audience. 



Ms H. Hasson (Curriculum Team Leader)  
Ms A. Clinton  
Miss L. Wilcox  
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