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  • 21/07/17

    Headmaster's Bulletin 21st July 2017

    It is quite astonishing how quickly this year has flashed by, but on reflection we can say that, for NSB, it has been a year full of success both academically and in the extra-curricular world...
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  • 14/07/17

    Headmaster's Bulletin 14th July 2017

    Many of the unique strengths of NSB came to the fore this week with an Expressive Arts and sporting bonanza of events which showcased the school at its very best...
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  • 07/07/17

    Headmaster's Bulletin 7th July 2017

    The student successes were again racked up with some incredible group and individual performances from NSB students, past and present, to illuminate the week...
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  • 30/06/17

    Headmaster's Bulletin 30th June 2017

    It has been a revolving door of student success through my office this week as I have met several students who have achieved at an outstanding level across a wide field of interests. First in, was Y12 student, Tom Hughes who has been selected by the FA, to be one of the English referees at the Inter...
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  • 23/06/17

    Headmaster's Bulletin 23rd June 2017

    There has been plenty to celebrate across the school this week with some outstanding performances in extra-curricular music, dance and sport...
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  • 16/06/17

    16th June 2017

    It was the school's privilege at the end of last week to host a major conference in the Cripps Hall Theatre which was attended by over 50 Northampton Town Headteachers, senior members of the Local Authority and the Regional Schools Commissioner, Martin Post...
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  • 09/06/17

    Headmaster's Bulletin 9th June 2017

    Unfortunately the week has again been overshadowed by terrorist atrocities and the thoughts of everyone at NSB go out to the victims of the horrific attack in London...
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  • 26/05/17

    Headmaster's Bulletin 26th May 2017

    One of the great strengths of the school is its ethos and spirit which unites all students and staff in times of success and difficulty and on Thursday, the school stood as one in respect and memory of the victims of the terrorist attack in Manchester...
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  • 19/05/17

    Headmaster's Bulletin 19th May 2017

    The school is currently in full exam mode as the GCSE and A level papers began in earnest on Monday...
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  • 12/05/17

    Headmaster's Bulletin 12th May 2017

    Today we say goodbye to our Year 13 students who have reached their last day of official lessons before Exam Leave and then life post-NSB...
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  • 05/05/17

    Headmaster's Bulletin 5th May 2017

    As a school we are proud of the achievements of our former students with one of our most famous ‘old boys’ being Francis Crick...
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  • 28/04/17

    Headmaster's Bulletin 28th April 2017

    At the beginning of the year I recall a conversation with the Director of Sport, Mr Wilcock, where we predicted that this would be the year when NSB finally landed a national basketball title after perennial years of being the proverbial 'bridesmaid' as runner up...
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